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For Android Apps, check out this post.

To get the best bang for your buck, go for these apps that push your students to create and innovate. These are my favorite creation apps... as of today. They are all cross-curricular and cross-grade level so they can be used time and again - not simply for just one unit or content standard. For more on app value, check out this post.  

Explain Everything - $2.99
Honestly, there are a ton of free screencasting apps out there. Doceri, Educreations. They're great. But nothing, nothing, nothing compares to Explain Everything. I thought I knew all the features, but it just keeps getting better. This is possibly the best $2.99 you can spend on an app.

PaperPort Notes- Free
Read and annotate PDF documents. Annotate with drawings, highlighting text, text notes, photos and AUDIO.  Also has palm protection and the ability to include voice recordings to your slides. Furthermore, it allows users to upload their annotated pages through email, Google Docs, Facebook, Twitter, Box.net and Dropbox. When saving the document, you can also annotate the file name, which is great when you have many students turning in the same file.

Toontastic - Free (Thanks @kovacsteach for correcting this.)
Toontastic seems to have been developed with the writing student in mind. The app embeds writing lessons into its beautifully animated screens - but doesn't hit your kids over the head with the fact that they are learning. See more on how I use it in math class at the LaunchPad Toys blog, LiftOff!

PoppletLite - Free
Concept mapping, idea webs, bubble organizers. Whatever you call it, this free App allows your students to create them - simply, color coded and ready to use for their planning. Special Education teachers have used it to help their students take notes and my science colleague used it to help her little geologists classify rock samples. Definitely worth downloading!

Evernote - Free & Penultimate - Free as of 1/2013! 
Have your kids take notes, both through typing and handwriting (using Penultimate). They can tag their notes by class, subject, day... whatever you (or they) would like! Students can snap pictures of anchor charts, take audio (great for foreign language classes) and embed it all into their notes. Best of all, they can access these notes from anywhere, so they can use them to study from home or at school!

Schoology - Free
This is a great Learning Management System that not only allows you to create assignments, discussions and assessments for your students - but is also a one-stop workflow solution. It allows you to upload and download student digital work from almost any other app. Check out this post for more info.

Book Creator - $4.99 
This app allows you to make beautiful iBooks right on your iPad! It's honestly a bit mind blowing that it allows you to do so much. Kids can now become authors of their own fiction or nonfiction texts and share their work with the world!

Haiku Deck - Free
This is a beautiful presentation app that is simple to use and great for both your students and adults. It is incredibly visual and the use cases are numerous!

Kidblog - Free
This is the app that goes with the website KidBlog.org - it is a great way for your kids to share their thinking, connect with an authentic audience and learn how to create their own digital content.

Croak.It - Free
For your little ones who aren't writing enough to blog, this is a great alternative. It is as simple as can be; you simply record your voice and it uploads to a URL to be shared with the world. That's it. So simple, yet so many ways that this can be used to capture student metacognition. My colleague Kristin Ziemke uses it to have her kids do book reviews. Check out some of their Croak.Its linked from their KidBlog site here

Apple's Productivity Apps: PagesKeynoteNumbers, and iMovie
OK this is cheating... 4 apps listed in one post here... but I couldn't help myself. While these apps are a little more pricey than your average productivity app, the scope of their features and the elegance of their interface make them worth their price. The Pages, Keynote and Numbers apps are the iOS version of their Mac counterparts - and are the Apple version of Microsoft Office's Word, PowerPoint and Excel. They can open Microsoft office documents and even save out in that file type as well. Moreover, they include upgraded features such as inserting movies and graphs into word processing documents. iMovie is icing on the cake, allowing students and teachers to create multi-media work from Hollywood-style trailers to full-length movies.

Some are creation, as listed above and some are content, but all are free! So why not?

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  1. Book Creator is a really innovative and awesome idea. Need to try it with my 8yl nephew:)