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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hooray! My book is now available for Pre-Sale!

I'm so excited! I got home to a note that my book, Courageous Edventures, is now available for Pre-Sale! Click here to get a copy :)!

Here's what it's about:

"I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging.” - J. R. R. Tolkien

The early innovators are out innovating, but what about the many who hope to follow on their own adventure? These educators often feel the pull, but hesitate due to the obstacles along the way. This book charts a course to identify and navigate around those obstacles so everyone can find the courage to journey into the limitless possibilities of the unknown -- and discover their own version of classroom innovation.

Whether you have a device in the hands of every student, nothing but a laptop and projector, or you’re simply looking towards the future, this book is your partner in inspiration and “I can do this” ideas. As a classroom teacher, I rarely found time to sit down and read long professional texts. Keeping this in mind, I’ve filled this book with images, diagrams, real lesson plans and resources that you can download for use immediately. Moreover, the format of the book is set up so you can use it as a quick reference to solve certain problems or follow it as a step-by-step pathway to transform your classroom. As you embark on your expedition towards the great unknown of Innovation Isle, I hope this book will be your atlas and your companion.

This book is organized into four sections: Part 1: “Charting Your Course”, Part 2: “Navigating Your Problems”, Part 3: “Sailing into the Great Beyond” and Part 4: “Reflecting on Your Edventure”. The chapters are organized in a way that chronologically steers each step of your innovation odyssey but it’s also set up so that you can also simply pick it up, find what you need and dig in right away.

Important Features:

  • Acknowledges the hurdles in the pathway of attempting digital transformation and innovation and provides numerous strategies to overcome them

  • Introduces and walks you through establishing a “Teacher IEP” or “Teacher Innovation Exploration Plan” and how to use it to guide you through Problem Based Innovation

  • Breaks down actual classroom problems of practice in the areas of Assessment, Differentiation, Planning and Parent Communication to focus digital transformation in strong classroom instruction and practice.

  • Focuses on strategies over tools, but still provides a companion website for step-by-step tutorials, examples of student work and ready-to-use templates

  • Broken into four sections to scaffold your innovation journey
    • Part 1: “Charting Your Course” helps you prepare for a digital transformation
    • Part 2: “Navigating Your Problems” leads you through Problem Based Innovation to help you first identify and overcome problems through new digital strategies
    • Part 3: “Sailing into the Great Beyond” pushes you further to take bigger risks to transform your practice
    • Part 4: “Reflecting on Your Edventure” helps you reflect and share your journey

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