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Redefining the (digital) Classroom

Keynote, Workshop and Session Topics


Sample Keynotes

  • Power to the Pupil: How to scaffold student empowerment
  • Integration Isn't Enough: Redefining the Innovative Classroom
  • Googling the Future Classroom
  • So Now What? (Making This Work on Monday)
  • Beware the Transformation Trap: Making Meaningful Change
  • How to Fail Fabulously

Sample Workshops

  • Time Saving Scripts: Using Google Scripts to Automate Your World
  • iGoogle: Using Google Apps on an iPad
  • Setting Your Sights on Sites: Using Google Sites for EVERYTHING
  • Building Up to Rebuilding: Transforming Your School through 1:1
  • Differentiation iDIY: Creating Your Own Differentiated Content with iBooks Author and QuickTime

Sample Sessions

  • PD is not a 4 Letter Word: Playing and digging in with teacher learning
  • Going 1:1 without Going Nuts: How to get started with a 1:1 classroom
  • Digitizing Your Math Metacognition
  • Beyond a Browser: Getting Geeky with Google Chrome
  • Chrome Demo Slam-a-Rama: Apps, Extensions and Omnibox, Oh My!
  • Amplifying Your Students: Social Media in the Classroom

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