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#EqualizeOurEd Grant Proposal

#EqualizeOurEd Grant Proposal
Due: Tuesday, June 5th

As we have learned, school funding is an issue that contributes to inequalities in education. If we were able to apply for an extra $100,000 as a grant to support school improvement, how should we spend it? Please submit your grant proposal following the criteria below.

Essential Issue (10 pts. total): What do you think is the most important issue in the school?
Product: 1 paragraph issue statement, typed on a Pages document
            > Describe the issue. (5 pts.)
            > Why do you think this issue is important? (5 pts.)

Grant Description (30 pts. total): Describe in detail your proposed grant. 
Product: 1 page grant description, typed on a Pages document
> How will your grant project resolve the issue you chose? Describe your grant project in detail. (5 pts.)
> What is the timeline for spending the money and using the items? (5 pts.)
> How will your grant help teachers become better at teaching? (5 pts.)
> How will students’ learning benefit? (5 pts.)
> How will this improve the experience for students?  (5 pts.)
> Why do you think this is the best idea for spending the $100,000? (5 pts.)

Budget Narrative (40 pts. total): Describe and outline in detail your budget.
Product: Numbers spreadsheet
> Create a NUMBERS spreadsheet, itemizing what you would spend your money on. (10 pts.)
> Use correct formulas to help you total your spreadsheet  (10 pts.)
> Explain your mathematical thinking for why you used certain formulas (10 pts.)
> Provide an explanation and support for each item you purchase (why is it necessary for your grant). (5 pts.)
> Explain how you chose the specific brand, store or company from which to purchase your item (instead of another item).  (5 pts.)

Savings Plan (Optional 10 pts. extra credit): Explain what savings company you will use, how much money you will put away for savings and how long you will keep it there. Provide an explanation for why you think this is a good choice for your grant.
Product: Numbers spreadsheet

Grant Presentation (10 pts. total): Create a presentation to convince grant evaluators that your grant is worthy of $100,000.
Product: Keynote presentation
            > Create a KEYNOTE presentation, explaining all of your above work. (5 pts.)
            > Make sure your presentation is convincing, as your work will be judged. (5 pts.)

with extra credit: 110 points

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