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Friday, May 22, 2015

Coding Creativity: Winning #makewonder Student Coding Videos

On April 12th, my students threw down a challenge to the world: Create a video about coding and/or creativity and send it to us. They would then pick the top video and the winner would receive two new robotic friends that inspire us to code: Dash and Dot, courtesy of Wonder Workshop.

IMG_2760.JPGYesterday my students began the judging process. They watched each video three times, took notes, and analyzed them in groups. The loved all the submissions so much and had a hard time narrowing it down. First, they selected a finalist group of “super seven”, which you can find here. Then they deliberated, discussed and debated until they made an ultimate decision for the final winner… and deemed it a three-way tie!

Congratulations to these students for producing creative messages about coding that made my students laugh, shout and applaud!

Help Us Get To The Future! Perris High of Murrieta, CA - teacher, Princess Choi
Kids Just Wanna Code Young Achievers Christian Academy of Oklahoma City, OK - teacher, Charitta Smith
Blank Code Whittell High School of Zephyr Cove, NV - teacher, Madison Malone
Here’s what my students had to say about your videos:

  • "I love how they used OUR video as the background for the song!"
  • "I liked that they used a hit song and turned it into a coding song."
  • "What i loved about blank code was how they switch to different settings of the school."
  • "I love how our S.I.T [Student Innovation Team] group made a whole school dance and make up a song about them coding"
  • "I love how they were in a big group and they all sang together and showed each section of the groups."
  • “They just looked like they all had fun and tried their best !”
  • "Love how they only used Coding to control dash and dot,I also like how they showed backstage and i also like how you show behind the scenes"
  • "Because I like how they sung why they wanted to have coding and why they liked it."
  • “Love how they only used Coding to control dash and dot.  I also like how they showed backstage and i also like how you show behind the scenes.”
Not to be left out of the video-making fun, my students insisted on creating a congratulations video to share with the winners. Take a look and see how Amiriunna spontaneously threw down a follow up challenge to the winners: create a video showing how you used Dash & Dot and send it back! So the cycle of creativity and communication continues….

Congratulations to the students, thank you to Wonder Workshop for the generous donation of the prizes and thank you to Madison, Charitta and Princess for sharing this opportunity with your classrooms... and most importantly THANK YOU to everyone who participated for infusing code into your students' lives! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words... Images in Mobile Google Docs and Slides!

Let's be honest... until now Google Docs and Google Slides for mobile devices was a bit... meh. With limited editing functions there wasn't much for our students to do with these tools. Teachers around the globe cried out, "If we could just insert IMAGES!" Well friends, our cries have been heard in Mountain View. Today Google released this functionality into their iOS and Android apps for Docs and Slides.


I cannot wait until I see my students next period to see how this affects their work. Collaborative and Visual? Can't wait to see what happens next....

GIF from Google Docs Blog