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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hooray: Shared courses comes to Google Classroom!

Many of us have been enjoying Google Classroom this school year. A simple interface to manage our Google Apps assignments with kids? Yes, please! New features are being released each season and as the flowers of spring begin to bloom, so do two more Classroom goodies.

Shared Courses
Finally we can have multiple teachers in one Google Classroom course! Many times we team teach or co-teach a class - or we have student teachers or residents we'd love to give course access. Now it's possible with the "invite teacher" button.

Plan Ahead
Now you can create assignments without actually posting them. The new "save draft" button is awesome for teachers who want to prep materials over the weekend but send them to kids later in the week.

For more info, check out the Google for Education blog post on this!

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  1. Jennie, Great keynote today at the Google On Air. I appreciate that Google is constantly changing Classroom to make it a better product. Do you know of any other things Google may have in store for Classroom?