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Saturday, April 26, 2014

5 Best Edu Android Apps!

Do you have Android tablets and are looking for a few apps to jump-start your experience? After several months of Android tablet testing, here are our top 5 apps for classroom use!

Book Creator $2.49.
Amazing book creating app that includes video, audio, image and text. It's been an iPad educator favorite for a long time now and as of April 2014, this app is now available on the Google Play store!

Explain Everything $2.99
Another great multimedia app, this screencasting tool includes slides, images, audio and even live web capture. The best screencasting app out there!

Schoology Free.
If you are looking for a Learning Management System, look no further! Here is a quick post with more info on Schoology.

WeVideo Free.
Need an app for video creation on Android? WeVideo is a terrific solution!

Simple Mind Free.
Mind mapping. Simple yet powerful.

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  1. My students,other educators at my school, and I LOVE this application!It is versatile to the point that it can be utilized as a part of any subject area.I like how simple it is for students to create books on their android phone,which can be transformed into PDF.My students cherish that.They feel like true writers when they see the book that they created.I cherish the capacity to incorporate text,drawings/annotations,pictures, and sound inside a book.I used around 10 minutes (perhaps less...) demonstrating to my students industry standards to utilize Book Creator.At that point,I set them allowed to create their book.~Carol Davis.