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Sunday, March 16, 2014

TTT Update: Device-less Digital Learning & Responsive Consequences

Teaching Toward Tomorrow Hey there 2999 readers! Just wanted to share links to two recent posts I wrote for my other blog, Teaching Toward Tomorrow on Education Week Teacher. Hopefully you find them helpful! :)

7 Ideas for Going Digital Without Devices
If you don't have devices it doesn't matter since you can't "go digital", right? Not necessarily! Here are seven ideas for how you can go digital - even without devices. Click here to read more...

Tech Is Not a Treat: Responding to Device Misuse
As more and more of our classrooms go 1:1 with technology, they are being faced with new challenges. One that looms over many teachers' heads is what to do when students misuse the devices? That is, what is the appropriate response when a student is on the wrong app at the wrong time, downloads games to their device when they're supposed to be building a website, writes four-lettered words on a class discussion board, or worse - engages in cyberbullying? Click here to read more...

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Jennie for a great post. Yes, technology like a pencil and a book has come to a point where learning is impacted when you do not have access to it.

    If there has been a breach of trust with it, then there needs to be a conversation with the student (and parent sometimes) and possibly a consequence.

    Remember when notes where passed around in class? Did our teachers punish us by taking away our books and pencils? No! They gave us a consequence and talking to.

    Thanks Jennie - hope to meet you at the Sydney GAFE