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Friday, January 24, 2014

"We Learn Better in this Way" - a White House Film Festival submission

My students love music and they love technology. So when they heard about the White House Film Festival - a chance for them to make a 3 minute video about their love of digital learning - they were dead set on making a music video.

First they decided on a song. They wanted to rap at first but after a few iterations realized it was harder to come up with lyrics for fast songs. So they went back to the drawing board. Instead they picked a catchy "easy to sing" slower song - Royals by Lorde. Then they got to work on rewriting the lyrics. They created a shared Google Doc, started brainstorming topics that should go in their song - devices they use, how they use them, etc. Then they did a side-by-side table to look at the original lyrics and their rewrite.

After a few weeks of writing, practicing and rewriting, they had finally come up with their masterpiece. While I'm a huge fan of their lyrical genius and sweet dance moves, I'm even more impressed with the process they went through, their perseverance and the fact that they were really thoughtful about how to portray their use of technology to learn. Even more - that they used the skills they were singing about in the creation of the video itself!

So, without further ado, here is "We Learn Better in this Way" by Jaylen, Jean Paul, Grevelle and Latrell (5th Grade, NTA). Enjoy! :)


  1. What an excellent job! Let them know that they have a fan in southeast Texas��

  2. Amazing! A crime if they don't win! So proud!!

  3. Nice job! How exciting for the kids! And the audience? Does it get any better?

  4. Awesome....we hope you win! We hate slow internet too and tools we have to share! Tell your kids....thanks for sharing their message with others!

    Mrs. Moricz 4th Grade Class

  5. This is so awesome! Trying to get our teachers to do this sometime this year! Here is another source of inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXcZ4srsLx4

    ~ Mandy Nelson

  6. WTG, Jaylen, Jean Paul, Grevelle and Latrell! I've featured this blog post on my ed tech blog as my repost of the week: http://pdbytes.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/repost-of-the-week-we-learn-better-in-this-way/

  7. Loved it, Jennie.
    Happy memories of NTA! So happy to see how the school has progressed with technology!
    Deb Suddarth