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Thursday, December 19, 2013

11 Shining Blogs

Thanks to MathyCathy aka Cathy Yenca and Craig Dunlap for listing me on their Sunshine Award blogs! This is something that's being passed around from blogger to blogger. True, it is a bit of a blog-afied chain letter, and while I normally try to stay away from chain letters, the Sunshine award is a great opportunity to learn more about 11 other bloggers and share their voices. And plus, 'tis the season of sharing, so here I go. Here are the details from Cathy's post: 
  1. Acknowledge the nominating blogger. (Thank you Cathy and Craig!)
  2. Share 11 random facts about yourself. 
  3. Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
  4. List 11 bloggers. They should be bloggers you believe deserve some recognition and a little blogging love!
  5. Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer and let all the bloggers know they have been nominated. (You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you.)
11 Random Facts About Me
  1. My last name is pronounced Muh-gare-uh. Hard g, long "a".
  2. I was a varsity weightlifter in high school.
  3. I won tournaments because there was no one else in my weight class and all I had to do was lift the bar. A "girl bar" that weighed 35 lbs. 
  4. I love karaoke but am a horrible singer.
  5. I am a huge Star Wars nerd. I've read all the books and even made my own Sabacc game when I was in middle school. 
  6. I have a black and silver miniature Schnauzer named Pepper. Despite her manly schnauzer features, she is a girl.
  7. I have the same weird thumbs as Megan Fox, but that's where our similarities end. 
  8. I don't like fruits or vegetables.
  9. I put Tabasco sauce on everything.
  10. I was born just outside of Boston, moved to Orlando when I was 6, went to boarding school in NH and then college in NYC. Now I live in Chicago.
  11. When I was little, I thought Chicago was a state.

Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
  1. What’s your favorite thing about blogging? I love connecting with fellow educators and hearing what they think! So getting comments, challenges and ideas about my posts is my favorite thing.
  2. Favorite hobby? Eating out. I like to cook, but I love restaurants. I even have a Google Doc of my Chicago faves: tinyurl.com/jennielovesfood
  3. Favorite movie of all time? That's really hard... I don't think I have a #1 favorite. I love Sci-Fi, Comic Book movies and anything by Hayao Miyazaki.
  4. Favorite place to travel? Hawaii or Northern California
  5. Favorite Twitter chat? Also can't pick a favorite here!
  6. Favorite educational website? I love Jay Atwood's Sandbox! Scripty fun!
  7. Least favorite food? All fruits and vegetables. But if I had to pick one, raw onions.
  8. Favorite book you’ve read in 2013? Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard by Chip and Dan Heath
  9. Your unique talent? Not sure I have any... I'm a fast typer....?
  10. Proudest moment? Meeting the President :).
  11. Funniest thing you ever said in front of a group of students/educators? Once my husband gChatted me in the middle of a presentation: "I just took the best poop at work". I didn't notice for a few minutes. The audience (of teachers/administrators) just about died laughing.
Finally, according to the Sunshine Award rules, it’s my turn to ask 11 questions of my nominees... and I'm stealing these from Mathy Cathy because I'm lazy ;)...
  1. What’s your favorite thing about blogging? 
  2. Favorite hobby?
  3. Favorite movie of all time? 
  4. Favorite place to travel?
  5. Favorite Twitter chat? 
  6. Favorite educational website? 
  7. Least favorite food? 
  8. Favorite book you’ve read in 2013? 
  9. Your unique talent?
  10. Proudest moment? 
  11. Funniest thing you ever said in front of a group of students/educators? 

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