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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ecstatic about Extensions

Have you had a chance to explore Chrome extensions? For those of you who haven't, a Chrome extension is a (usually free) plug-in to your Chrome browser that enhances your experience. As opposed to Chrome apps - which are like links to stand-alone webpages, extensions appear next to your Chrome omni bar (at the top right of your browser window) and are tools that can be accessed as you explore the web.

From add-ons that save you time to some that give you added tools, extensions can truly transform your life! They can be found in the Chrome Web Store and most have a handy video or screenshots to show you how they work / what they do. I highly encourage you to explore and find one that gets you excited. Below are a few that are geeking me up lately. For more great extensions and apps, check out this Google Doc from the GCT Chicago Reboot!

Reads the webpage to you... and blurs out all but the selection being read. Great for readers who not only struggle to decode the text but also need to focus on one section at a time.

Evernote Clearly
Distracted by all those pesky ads and other text around your online news/magazine articles? Evernote Clearly cleans it up and creates a webpage devoid of all distractions... keeping only the article text and associated media. Sign into your Evernote account for the added tools of highlighting, annotation and saving it all to your Evernote notebooks.

Webpage Screenshot

Want to take a screenshot (picture) of a webpage beyond what you see on the screen (i.e., the entire page, scrolled down)? Or, ever want to edit the New York Times by retyping the headline or changing the titles of the bestsellers list? With Webpage Screenshot you can do both! You can take "full page" screenshots, edit type/text on a live webpage and even annotate over the shot with drawings, type, highlights, etc!

Screenshots of your Chome browser, saved to your extension button, ready to be pasted into another browser window. Also allows you to annotate over the screenshot!

Ever needed to get the text color on your webpage or document to better match a logo, photo or something else? Use this extension to find out the exact color code of any part of an image, then match the color of the rest of your document/site features as you so choose!

This great extension helps you learn the keyboard shortcuts for Gmail, saving you time and energy! Each time you use the mouse to click for a command that a keyboard shortcut could have done, a pop up appears to gently remind you!

Have you ever been filling out a long online form... only to have your webpage die, connection drop of form fail to succesfully submit? Frustrating! This extension saves your form input and allows you to magically recover all that work! Hooray!


  1. They also have killer apps to take annoying facebook items off of facebook for you viewing enjoyment. Just type in Annoying Facebook and search their extensions.

  2. Thank you for this information. I have a bit of a love/dislike relationship with Chrome so perhaps using extensions will make me feel more love!

    1. I haven't had a bad experience with Chrome yet (fingers crossed), so hopefully that luck continues! I haven't had any experience with extensions, but I really liked the Announcify and Webpage screenshot! There is a lot I could do with those two extensions in my fourth grade classroom! We do a lot of research projects and Announcify would really help my readers who struggle. I really liked how it blurred out portions of the text that didn't pertain to the reader. Webpage Screenshot was another extension that could be used in my classroom. It would something interesting and fun to incorporate into our Reading Curriculum. We have several nonfiction stories that the kids could use to create their own news article. I usually have the kids work on docs a lot and I have links they use that relate to the story we are Reading. This would be a great resource to then extend the Newspaper project using Webpage Screenshot. I am excited to see how it works! I agree that there was some great information available on this blog! If you have used any of the extensions in a classroom or for personal use, could you possibly share what worked or what didn't work?

  3. This is good information. I'm not familiar with extensions, so it was useful to browse the Website and see what all was out there. I did find out that KeyRocket is not available for Macs yet, and that was one that I thought I might like to try.