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Thursday, December 13, 2012

We're Getting Google Scripty in Here!

For those of you who have begun using Google Forms in your classrooms and schools, you have probably found that they are a great way to collect data. From room reservations to formative assessments, forms offer a plethora of supports as an educator. Want to take it up a notch? Enter Scripts. Scripts are amazing add-ons that you can install into a spreadsheet to automate your life. From auto-scheduling in your calendar via a form to auto-grading an assessment to auto-handing out and sharing a document, scripts can make your life oh-so-much easier.

Tonight I had the pleasure of doing a Google Hangout on the Air with Liz Castillo from Hawaii, Angie Kalthoff from Minnesota and Jay Atwood from Singapore. We shared about four of our favorite scripts:

  • FormEmailer: Send email from a form
  • Autocrat: Create PDFs and Google Docs from a form
  • FormMule: Send out emails, voice messages, texts and calendar invites through a form
  • Doctopus: Create copies of Google Docs, Presentations and Spreadsheets - then share them out with students/teachers
Andrew Stillman - the author of many of these scripts - has a great site to learn more about how to use these (and more) scripts in case our Hangout video wasn't detailed enough: youpd.org.

If that's not enough Script love for you, here's an early holiday gift: Jay has an amazing site chock full of script info, graphics and tips. I highly encourage you to check it out: sandbox.atwoodphoto.com.


  1. Great post Jennie! I know have a starting point with scripting, something that's been on my list to conquer but every time there's a session on it I'm presenting in another room. This is definitely PD 2999.

  2. Oh! I wish that I could have been in on this hangout! Sounds so cool. I would love to have more discussion with others about the uses of scripts.

  3. Great resources. I enjoyed the application to teachers and schools discussions. Can't wait for part two. We are using scripting to "efficify" the RTI initiative. ( Response To Intervention)

  4. This is something I'm interested in. Great information! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks guys and gals for sharing this video for all of us to see! The only script I was using this past year was Flubaroo, but now I have a whole new set to start experimenting with! Thanks again!