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Friday, December 14, 2012

Student Created iBooks!

As we've been exploring how to use iBooks Author for teachers to created differentiated digital content, we've begun to wonder how this could be used as a student creation tool. We have many classrooms with 1:1 iPads, but each room only has one MacBook or iMac (the only devices that run iBooks Author). However, we've started to experiment with aggregating student digital creations from their iPads and using iBooks Author to put them together.

This video is an example from a 4th grade classroom with whom I work. They are learning about elements of extended response (I know - not the most exciting topic. Hoping to move towards more exciting content next time!) and as such are practicing different aspects of responding to questions. In this segment, they are thinking about text evidence.

The students began by reading a short text. Then they responded to a prompt by finding evidence from the text (using Edmodo). Then they filmed each other's metacognition - that is, they filmed a partner talking about their own thinking when answering the question. Finally, student volunteers stayed after class to put the iBook together. Our hope is to replicate this process with more student-driven topics (i.e., a CBL or PBL unit) and make the iBooks Author jobs embedded into school-time.

Have you been using iBooks Author with students? If so, please share your stories below!


  1. Love it! I have been using my class webpage to post differentiated science texts for my 2nd graders to use in our PBL style health unit on the food groups. I have also been using Educreations to capture student thinking as they retell stories, solve math problems and explain their science learning.

    We are just starting the planning of a complete revamp of a Social Studies Unit about our little town's history. The student's challenge will be to create an iBook that details this history for younger readers. (There is not one yet.)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Mark White

  2. Hi Jennie
    Really like your ideas and see IBA as a powerful tool for developing content. However many schools here in new Zealand have been having great success with Book Creator, in y humble opinion the best of the iPad based epub creation apps.

    1. I've been meaning to check out Book Creator! It's just moved up on my list now. Thanks!