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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Anything you can do, Kindergarteners can do better

Recently I've been spending more time in Carrie Both's 1:1 iPad kindergarten classroom. I was so excited to observe how easily these students were able to navigate around an iPad. Not only were they able to easily find, pick up and turn on their device (using a numeration system and strategic placement around the classroom), but they also could do everything from create screencasts to use the AppleTV to mirror their work to a projection via AirPlay.

Carrie Both is a veteran Kindergarten teacher who is in her first year of full 1:1 iPad use. Last year she shared a rotating cart and explored best practices as part of a pilot. She has been incredibly brave and persevering, overcoming obstacles and pitfalls to forge her way towards a redefined classroom. What impresses me most about Carrie is that she is one of those teachers who everyone would say "had it all figured out." She was a "master mentor teacher" - in fact, she was my mentor years ago. And yet she continues to push herself to take risks, venture into uncharted territory and learn new skills. She's a great model for all educators - beginning and seasoned - to learn that they are never done learning. (Check out her blog here!)

*Note about the iPad cases: We bought the Speck iGuy cases for our kindergarten class. While perfect in terms of grip, color, size and durability -- they do NOT fit in the Bretford PowerSync Cart. In retrospect, we should have gone with something less bulky! If money was no object, we'd have gotten these Kraken cases which also cover the screen.

** Note about the second video: Willie would have definitely been able to type out the word "medium" without my help... had I not distracted him from hearing the directions to copy the word from the AppleTV projection at the front of the room. Alas, my avid recording of his iPad awesomeness prevented the poor boy from seeing the slide and following along with his class. My apologies to Willie and Mrs. Both! 

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  1. How nice! It's incredible how kids instantly get technology. I wonder if the teacher has heard about Nearpod, children would love it!