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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cool Finds, Awesome Ideas

I am lucky to have an awesome PLN that shares great finds with me... so in the spirit of paying it forward, I would like to pass on these great finds to you. Enjoy, and pass it on! Have a great find you've seen recently? Please share in the comments below!

It's a robot! It's a camera man! It's... Swivl! This little bad boy is a mount for your iOS device and pivots to follow a remote you wear. So the camera follows you as you move up, down, side to side. Check out the video to see it in action. Wow... it's definitely on my wish list (Labor Day present?). Thanks to my colleague, Chris Bruggeman, for sharing this fun tech tool with me.

21st Century Ice Breakers
Aditi Rao, a tech integration specialist from Texas shared a genius list of 10 ways to start off your classroom leveraging digital learning. From Pinterest to QR codes, this list has a myriad of ways to not only get your kids' feet wet with technology, but also get to know each other at the same time! Thank you so much to amazing Autumn Laidler for sharing this resource!

Sick of iPad workflow issues? Tired of having kids upload all their docs to a Dropbox account, only to delete each other's work? Or getting 100 emails everyday with kids turning in Keynotes or Pages docs -- only to email the work back with feedback and encounter version control issues? Not to fear! Showbie is here! It creates a WebDav server and gives each of your students a unique login. (The process seems similar to that of Edmodo, for those who are familiar with this site.) Once the kids create any product in an iWorks app (Pages, Keynote, Numbers) or any app that allows for WebDav upload (iAnnotate, iThoughtsHD, etc), they login with their username and can upload the file. Teachers can then see each student's work on their teacher laptop or iPad, make audio or written feedback and return the file. There is automatic copy control, so teachers don't overwrite student work. The student will see a partitioned file folder with their work separate from teacher comments. So. Cool. Thank you to John Shoemaker for this little gem!

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  1. We also suggest you check out eBackpack https://www.ebackpack.com It does all of that and more with the ability to support annotations, multiple devices, sync with backend school systems to pre-populate class lists, and more!