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Friday, May 25, 2012

CBL iMovie Grant Trailers

Our class is continuing to explore essential issues in our school and write grants to resolve them as part of our Challenge Based Learning project.

Students created teacher surveys on Google Forms, Skyped with professional grant experts and other classrooms, and determined essential issues in their school. They then began to collaborate to write grants to address these issues.

See these previous posts to learn more about our Challenge Based Learning grant projectour unit planusing QR codes to explore prices/budgeting and how students share their thoughts with an authentic audience (through Twitter).

Students are still working hard to complete their grants and craft budget spreadsheets. However, to whet the appetites of their grant evaluators (peers and school teaching staff), they have created iMovie trailers about their essential issues. This is their first stab at this app, and are still working out some kinks (i.e., how to add in still photos and how to credit pictures they find on the Internet). We will explore these questions as we continue, but they wanted to share what they have now!

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  1. These projects all sound amazing! Your students are doing incredible work. I just received one ipad to use next year in my classroom, your movies just inspired my first big idea. Thank you.