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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I love You(Tube): The Mathademics Channel

In the previous post, I wrote about my new math differentiation model. Today I've been putting together materials for next week's groups (specifically creating/finding videos for the flipped classroom video groups) and have been perusing the Mathademics YouTube channel. After about 15 minutes of downloading videos using www.savevid.com (our district blocks YouTube), I am hooked.

This YouTube channel features screencast lessons made by real teachers like you and me. I've been making all of my own for the past year - and while not too difficult, this can be time consuming. Here I've found a great host of videos to download, free and easy! What's more, they are sorted into channels according to teacher (if you find someone who has a similar approach to teaching as you, and want to find more videos by him/her) or by math strand (number sense, geometry, algebra, etc.)!

You can even make your own channel to share your own videos (something I plan to do when I have a free weekend).

Check it out!

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