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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quick iPad Management Tips!

Here are some helpful hints for your classroom iPad device management:

- If you want to see what recent apps your students were using (to make sure they were on task, etc.) - simply double click on the home button (the only button on the face of the iPad) and a dock will appear. This dock lists the apps that were opened in chronological order (with the most recent being the one farthest to the left).

- If you want to multi-task between several apps, you can double click the home button from within an app and tap an app from the bar below. This app is still "running" and therefore none of your progress will be lost. (This is helpful if students are filling out an exit ticket and want to switch screens to look up a word, or use a calculator -- when they switch back to Safari, their form will not have reloaded and they can continue from where they left off.)

- If your student is trying to type in a Google form and the keyboard keeps disappearing this means that there are too many windows open. Tap on the icon on the top left of the screen that looks like a box with a number inside of it. This will show you all running Safari windows. Close all of the unneeded windows and you'll be able to type again.

- If your students are accidentally deleting apps: Go to the settings, tap "General", then tap "Restrictions". Enable Restrictions and toggle "Deleting Apps" to the off position.

- If you want to disable built-in iPad apps (i.e., Safari, YouTube, Camera, FaceTime, iTunes) that can't be deleted from the normal home screen: Go to the settings, tap "General", then tap "Restrictions". Enable Restrictions and toggle the unwanted apps to the off position.


  1. Sweet about the restrictions info, thanks J! I'll pass it along...


  2. Great post on tips! Saving this post and a favorite. I am still waiting on my 10 ipads for my classroom.


  3. How do you close all of the apps that run across the bottom of the screen? I always have so many open because I am too lazy to close each one individually.

    1. Once you double click and hold one down, they will start to wiggle and you can close them by tapping on the red circle with the horizontal line through it. However you don't need to close each one! See this great post that explains it all! http://speirs.org/blog/2012/1/2/misconceptions-about-ios-multitasking.html

  4. Hey Jennie! I am a brand new teacher launching a brand new iPad program in a 12:1:1 self contained classroom and have a few basic questions if you'll allow them. The first is when you first launched your iPads what type of account was it set up with? Our school credit card has a block on iTunes which we're trying to explore to set up an account and for obvious reasons we don't want a personal credit card used. The second question is do you utilize education volume vouchers or download apps individually. Finally when using a syncing station is it necessary to download multiple copies of an app or will purchasing it once be sufficient and it syncs to other devices through the sync station. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Jess!

      1) Our school purchases Volume Purchase Vouchers from the district through the district catalog. I'm not sure if the district pays Apple through PO or CC.

      2) We use VPP Vouchers for all apps

      3) Once you use a VPP Voucher to purchase the number of app codes you need (i.e., 30 copies of an app for 30 iPads), then you only need to actually download the app once. If/when Apple audits you, you'll be able to show them the 30 app codes you purchased from the VPP site to show you've paid for the right number of apps.

      Hope that helps!