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Monday, June 20, 2011

Whetting Your APPetite - Vol. 6

Stick Pick (for iPhone) - $2.99

The "Go-Around" Cup just got digitized (and they threw in a healthy dose of built-in assessment and Bloom's Taxonomy for good measure). Stick Pick gives you the option of either randomly or intentionally picking students to answer questions (a la a virtual can of popsicle sticks)! You can identify the learning level and style for each student to determine who is chosen. Then a list of appropriate Bloom's question stems is generated to help you ask your question.

The app even allows teachers to record assessment data by rating the answer on a 0-5 critical thinking rubric or simply marking it as correct or incorrect. The data is saved in the app and can be emailed to the teacher, co-teachers, principal or parents! Wow!

Thanks to Amy Jarrett-Clancy for sending me this one!


  1. Great blog you have created on apps you can use with ipads. I am getting 10 ipads for my classroom in August. I can't wait!

  2. HI Jennie!
    I'm Buzz Garwood, the guy who produced Stick Pick. I just stumbled upon your blog and I really enjoy it! Great work! I teach sixth grade and try to integrate as much tech into their lives as budgets allow - sounds a lot like you! You've got the iPads; I've got the Neo2 word processors. Keep sharing from your journey through the wormhole!

    -Buzz Garwood

  3. Thanks for reading, Buzz - and for the great app!