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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whetting your APPetite Vol. 5: Student-Created Movies on Puppet Pals

Puppet Pals HD - FREE
Have you used the Puppet Pals App yet? If not, you should! (And while you're at it, cough up the $2.99 for the Puppet Pals Director's Pass - which adds more options to the free base app - it is completely worth it.)   In Puppet Pals, students can create their own "puppet" show movies using either the app's characters and backgrounds or their own "cut out" from pictures found on the Internet or taken with their iPad.

The app is surprisingly versatile and allows for a lot of creative expression. Since Puppet Pals allows you to use photos to create your own characters and backdrops, students can create quite realistic depictions of their chosen subject (depending on their level of expertise with Puppet Pals and the amount of time you'd like to give them).

Below are two examples of the videos my classes created for their constellations research project. They are just "rough drafts" (they will "re-shoot" their videos after some feedback from yours truly) but already I can see tons of potential for this little app. Can't wait to put Puppet Pals into action again!

Note: The videos will not play if your network blocks YouTube :(... Sorry!

"The Death of Sagittarius" by Kontrell & Cencere

"The Medusa Slayer" by Kenneth and Lomante


  1. Oh man, Kenneth and Lomante cracked me up. This app is awesome.

  2. Yes - They are some funny guys. Kontrell and Cencere also make me chuckle. They are all working on "editing" their videos to include more facts and to avoid taking quite so much "artistic leeway" with the information... :). Although I can't really blame them - this app does cry for artistic leeway!