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Monday, June 27, 2011

They're Baaack: FREE Everyday Math Games Apps!

Good News Mathematics Teachers: the Everyday Mathematics Apps are once again free for a limited time! Get them quick! Since they are free this is a great way to load all of your classroom iPads with these amazing math games apps at an enticing cost of $0.00 each!
Note to Everyday Math teachers: These are the same games you play with your students & the Everything Math deck... if you have iPads or iPod touches in your classroom... definitely get these!

The iTunes App Store offers select McGraw-Hill Education applications for Apple iPhone / iPod touch / iPad for free, as listed below. At $2 off, each is the lowest price we've seen. Deal ends soon! 
The deals:
Everyday Mathematics Addition Top-It: 0 to 10 addition game
Everyday Mathematics Subtraction Top-It: 0 to 10 subtraction game
Everyday Mathematics Name That Number: Order of operations game
Everyday Mathematics Monster Squeeze (pictured): Cyclops octopus number line game
K-12 eFlashcards: Textbook vocabulary flashcards


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  3. I have looked at each app and they are not free. They each cost $1.99.

    1. They were unfortunately only free for a limited time. I did write that in the post, but perhaps should have made it more clear. I wish they'd make them free forever!