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Friday, April 29, 2011

Whetting your APPetite - Vol. 4

I'm sorry that I have taken so long to post a new "Whetting your APPetite." It's been a busy few weeks. In Vol. 4 I'm focusing on two of my favorite new Math Apps -- Rocket Math and Math Motion. Enjoy!  

Rocket Math - $0.99
This app follows a video game-esque concept. You create a user profile, choose an avatar, choose a rocket body, then are tasked to "customize" that rocket. However - you must buy rocket parts to improve it! You earn money by solving math facts. The math in this app starts off as a review of the four basic math operations - from easy facts to more difficult 2 digit by 2 digit problems. It provides a touch-screen "work pad" on which students can do scratch work. Once your rocket is created, you can launch your rocket and use the motion sensors in the iPad to keep it from crashing. Once you've reached "outer space" you get to embark on more varied math missions - even vs. odd numbers, polyhedral identification, etc. So very engaging yet so much embedded math (even the earning and spending of money is embedded math!).

Motion Math - $0.99
This app uses the motion sensors in the iPad to teach kids how to be friends with that old math foe: FRACTIONS. In addition to the kinsethetic bonus of the interface, the app scaffolds up and down based on student performance. That's right! It's adaptive! Woooooo for Motion Math!

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