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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Whetting Your APPetite - Vol. 2

Qurki - FREE
Students can use this App to communicate in literature circles, math blogs, social science discussion groups and science lab groups. It works much like an instant messenger chat room, but it is closed to any without the room code. In this way it is a secure, yet instant way for your kids to chat from across the room, between classrooms or even between schools!

Mobile Me iDisk - FREE (App); $99 (Mobile Me Subscription)
Yes, a bit pricey to get, but by far the best content sharing platform I've tried. All of the Apple apps - Pages (Apple's "Word"), Numbers (Apple's "Excel"), Keynote (Apples "PowerPoint"), iBooks (Apple's digital reading platform) and more have a built-in "Save to iDisk" / "Open from iDisk" option. Note that the iPad does not work like a traditional computer. It doesn't have "folders" to which you can save and open files. By utilizing iDisk, you introduce folders to your iPad's "desktop." Students turn in work, I write in comments or grades and save the files back to the iDisk; I save videos, songs and shared readings, etc. It is like a digital "turn in tray" for myself and my students. So far, really loving it!

Idea Sketch - FREE 
Concept mapping, idea webs, bubble organizers. Whatever you call it, this free App allows your students to create them - simply, color coded and ready to use for their planning! Definitely work downloading - even if you want to just play around with it. After all... it's free!!!

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